LibrarySeismographIn Fall 2011, Weston Library began a collaboration with the Boston College Educational Seismology Project in partnership with Weston Observatory.  An EQ-1 seismograph was installed in the Library and earth science programs were offered to patron groups of all ages. 

Weston Library is very pleased to have been the first library with a seismograph on public display.  


On August 23, 2011 the seismograph at Weston Library captured seismic activity from two large earthquakes which took place in the United States.  The small cluster of lines in the center of the screen represent seismic activity from a 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Colorado.  The larger cluster at the bottom of the screen displays activity from the 5.8 magnitude quake which struck in Virginia later that day.

Seismic activity recorded at Weston Library is posted on our social media outlets. Click on the Twitter and Facebook icons below to see our pages, log in and Follow us or Like us to receive these notifications. 


Seismologist Stacy Moulis answers questions about the seismograph