Using the Library should be an exciting experience for children, but remember, other people are here trying to read or study. And even though playing in the Library is fun, safety issues are a concern for both library staff and visitors.

In order to insure that everyone visiting the Library enjoys their time here safely, the following are rules for Library Behavior.

  1. Please walk in the Library.
  2. Pick up after yourself. Replace any puzzles, toys, or puppets that you use.
  3. Do not throw puppets, toys or books. Intentionally trying to hurt another person will result in you being asked to leave the Library.
  4. Do not climb on the bookshelves. Parents and caretakers,please do not let children sit on top of the shelves as this is very dangerous.
  5. Please do not bring food into the Library.
  6. Use your inside voice at all times.
  7. Children eight and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Please see our Child Supervision Policy for more information.