Recreation Fields, Courts and Play Spaces

Field status:

All athletic fields are open for use by individuals and members of the same household. Wear masks at all times, maintain 6-feet of social distance from people outside of your household.   Weston based Organized Youth Sports organizations may conduct limited group activities with a permit.  Call the Recreation Department for more details.

Tennis Courts:

The Tennis Courts at Weston High School and Weston Middle School are open for recreational tennis activities only.  The courts at Burchard Park may be used for recreational tennis or pickleball activities. Maintain social distancing, do not share equipment, do not linger before or after matches. Please follow these other social distancing practices.  

Playground at Lamson Park:

The Playground at Lamson Park is open for restricted use by residents.  Rules for use are:

 - Practice 6-feet of social distancing at all times

 -  Facemasks required.

 - Parents/guardians must supervise play and enforce social distancing and facemask wearing.

 - Seek alternative facilities if playground is crowded.

 - Do not visit playground if you or your child is sick.

 - Wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before and after using playground.

 Field / Park Address and map link  Activities   
 Alphabet Field 1 Alphabet Lane  Soccer Ball  View Schedule
 Brook School Field  44 School Street  Soccer Ball  Tennis Racket  View Schedule
 Burchard Park  269 Concord Road  Baseball glove  Tennis Racket  basketball  Hiking  Picnic Table  Ice Skate 3  View Schedule
 Burt Field  99 Gail Road  Baseball glove  Soccer Ball  Hiking  View Schedule
 Cherry Brook Field  7 Cherry Brook Road  Baseball glove  Soccer Ball  basketball  View Schedule
 Czarnowski Field  76 Brook Road  Baseball glove  Soccer Ball  basketball  View Schedule
 Ferrelli Field  49 Bogle Street  Baseball glove  View Schedule
 Field School Field  16 Alphabet Lane  Soccer Ball  View Schedule
 Melone Field  99 Drabbington Way  Baseball glove  Hiking  Open Space
(not scheduled)
 Mini Field  10 Alphabet Lane  Soccer Ball  View Schedule
 High School Tennis Courts 444 Wellesley Street  Tennis Racket
 View Schedule
 Middle School Tennis Courts 456 Wellesley Street Tennis Racket
 View Schedule

Baseball glove Baseball and/or Softball

basketball Basketball

Hiking Hiking trails

Ice Skate 3 Ice Skating (seasonally, conditions permitting)
 Picnic Table Picnic Area

 Soccer Ball Soccer

 Tennis Racket Tennis                                                       

Field Reservation Policy (PDF)  

Field request form

All School and Recreation Fields Map (PDF)

Case Campus Fields Map (PDF)

Middle School and High School Fields Map (PDF) - To inquire about use of the fields at the Middle School and High School complex, please call 781-786-5230.