Commercial Dog Walking

Any person interested in obtaining a commercial dog walking permit in order to operate in the Town of Weston needs to make an appointment with Animal Control Officer, Rachel Hoffman. Call 781-786-6201 or email hoffman.r [at]

Fee Schedule

$100 for first company permit
$50 for an additional permit, with a maximum of two
$150 for each dog, with a maximum of five

Permits are valid for one year and must be renewed by February 28th of each year. A $10 fee will apply for replacement of lost badges and placards.

The Dog By-law:
Section 9. Commercial Dog Walkers

9.1 Except in accordance with an annual permit issued by the Select Board, or its designee, no person shall act as a commercial dog walker in the Town. For purposes of this section, a commercial dog walker shall mean a person engaged in the business of exercising or handling dogs owned by another using public land, and who receives compensation for this work. Provided, however, that this definition shall exclude elementary, middle, high school and college students providing dog walking services for a fee, but such persons shall be prohibited from exercising or handling simultaneously more than two dogs. The permit issued under the authority of this section shall be non-transferable and the fee therefor shall be non-refundable. The fee for such permit shall be established by the Select Board.

9.2 The permit issued under this section shall be comprised of two parts, a permit which the commercial dog walker shall carry upon his or her person, and a placard that shall be displayed in the commercial dog walker’s vehicle. The permit shall include thereon a photograph of the commercial dog walker, and shall state the number of dogs that the commercial dog walker is licensed to walk at any one time, provided, however, that such number shall not exceed five dogs. Permits shall not be granted under this section unless the commercial dog walker:
(1) agrees that he/she shall indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Weston from any and all loss, liability, damage or cost incurred related to the permit holder’s activities or the activities of dogs under his/her care; and
(2) provides evidence of commercial general liability insurance coverage in limits established by the Town, naming the Town as an additional insured. No more than three commercial dog walkers may be licensed for any one dog walking business.

9.3 In addition to any conditions imposed by the Select Board for use of a commercial dog walker permit, the following conditions shall apply:
a. All dog waste shall be cleaned up and properly disposed of.
b. All dogs walked shall wear a current license and rabies tag. If the dog is too young to be licensed, the commercial dog walker shall provide, at the request of an enforcing authority, proof of vaccinations.
c. The commercial dog walker shall carry one leash for each dog being walked. Each coupler leash used by an owner or walker shall count as multiple leashes based on the number of clips attached to the dog collars.
d. All requirements of Section 7 shall apply to commercial dog walkers.

9.4 Penalties for non-compliance:
a. This By-law may be enforced as provided in Article V, Sections 1 and 2 of the General By-laws, including non-criminal disposition. For purposes of non-criminal disposition, the Select Board or its designee, the Animal Control Officer and any police officer of the Town shall constitute an “enforcing authority.”
b. The Select Board, or its designee, may for cause suspend for a period of time or revoke a permit issued under this section following a hearing.