Pay As You Throw Working Group

The Town of Weston received a planning grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Planning. This grant will provide the Town with technical assistance in implementing one of the Board of Selectmen's goals from the past several years: the establishment of the Pay As You Throw (PAYT) trash disposal program. 


In cooperation with the grant program, the Selectmen are convening this Working Group to research PAYT, including exploring different program options, the financial benefits and/or costs associated with the program for the Town and for residents, and the environmental benefits of implementing the program in Weston. The members of the Working Group shall prepare a report and make a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen on these items in time to consider implementation in 2020.

The Working Group shall consist of five members and include the Town Manager and a representative from the Department of Public works in a non-voting, advisory capacity. The Working Group is expected to prepare its report by March 1, 2020 and shall serve at the pleasure of the Selectmen.


  • Laurie Bent, Chair, Board of Selectmen Representative
  • Elisabeth DiPietro, Board of Health Representative
  • David Ayer, Sustainability Committee Representative
  • Thomas Darling, At-large Member
  • Phil Saunders, At-large Member
  • Leon Gaumond, Town Manager, ex-officio
  • Public Works Director or Designee, ex-officio