1. General Policies
  2. Loan Policies
  3. Children's Policies
  4. Code of Conduct

Unattended Adults in Youth Services

 Adults may visit the Youth Services Department only when accompanied by children using this department or when retrieving materials for research or check out.

Unaccompanied adults who are retrieving materials for research or check out may not remain in the Youth Services Department to review the materials, but instead should take them to the adult section of the library to review. Unaccompanied adults may be asked by library staff to use the facilities, services, and equipment in the adult section of the library.

This policy reflects the library's concern for the safety of children in the library.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees, March 5, 2018

Tutoring Policy

Tutoring is an activity that relates to the Library’s mission to provide materials and resources for lifelong learning. As part of its mission, the library permits tutoring on the premises in accordance with written policy.  

Tutors are required to observe the following guidelines when tutoring in the library. 

If tutors consistently disregard these guidelines the Weston Public Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to disallow the practice of tutoring in the library.

  • Tutors may use the library no more than four hours per week.
  • Tutoring activities are confined to the tables outside of the local history room and study rooms.  No tutoring is allowed in the Youth Services department.  YOU WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE IF YOU ARE IN ANY OTHER AREA.  NO ONE MAY RESERVE SPACE IN THE LIBRARY TO TUTOR.
  • Tutors are responsible for the behavior of the student being tutored.  Only one student may be tutored at a time. Students may not be left unattended while waiting for their session to begin.
  • Tutoring sessions must be kept as quiet as possible.  Any disruption to other patrons may result in the tutor and student being asked to leave.
  • Tutors and students must bring their own supplies.  
  • All arrangements are made strictly between the tutor and parent.  No messages may be conveyed through library staff.
  • The library is not responsible for unattended children.
  • The Weston Public Library Child Supervision Policy will be strictly enforced.

Independent tutors are not sponsored by the library.  Advertising that tutor services occur at the library is strictly prohibited.

The Weston Public Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time.

3/13/07   Approved by Weston Public Library Board of Trustees
Amended 9/13/10 by the Weston Public Library Board of Trustees
Amended 9/10/18 by the Weston Public Library Board of Trustees

Test Proctoring Policy

Weston Public Library offers limited supervision test-proctoring for Weston residents or Town of Weston employees. 

Tests must be scheduled with the Reference supervisor in advance and are subject to availability and convenience of Reference staff on that day.  Exams are proctored during library public service hours, Monday through Saturday.  Tests must be completed 30 minutes before the library closes.  We cannot guarantee proctoring supervision every day.  

The library will proctor exams received from educational institutions via mail, e-mail or website.  Software cannot be installed on any library computer. Tests offered in a computer format must be compatible with the hardware and software already installed on library workstations. Library staff will check I.D. if necessary, provide a space for students to store backpacks, get the student started, and stop the student at the conclusion of the exam.  

Library staff proctoring the exam will complete appropriate documentation forms provided by the institution.  The library will mail completed exams to the institution if a postage paid envelope is provided or the student or institution has made prior prepaid arrangements with a commercial carrier.  The library is not responsible for any costs in obtaining or returning the examination.  If exams will be mailed directly to the Library, this must be arranged in advance with the Reference Librarian.  The Library will not sign for packages which have not been scheduled in advance.

 8/6/12   Approved by Weston Public Library Board of Trustees
The Weston Public Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time.

School/Group Visit Policy

The Weston Public Library encourages group visits to the library by local schools, organizations, and groups.

An appointment must be scheduled.

Because we have a very busy schedule with various library programs, we ask that any group that plans to visit the library to schedule an appointment at least a week prior to their visit, even if staff assistance is not required. In this way, we can avoid conflicts between groups and provide better assistance to all our users.

Groups must have a purpose for their visit.

When a group comes with a clear purpose (i.e. exploring a literary theme, conducting research), library staff can provide the group with needed services while maintaining an orderly and educational atmosphere for all our patrons.

This is especially important for large groups and for elementary and middle school children. Students learn to use the library and appreciate library resources when they have a positive library experience.

Groups must be well-supervised.

Teachers or adult supervisors must remain with the group at all times. Groups should not split up to different areas of the library unless each part of the group has a teacher or supervisor with them.

Storytimes can be arranged for special groups.

The group needs to contact the library at least two weeks in advance to arrange a time, date, and space. If a theme is required, the library needs to be told at the time the event is scheduled.

Although we would like to have groups visit as often as possible, we do have a very busy schedule, and sometimes not enough staff to go around. For that reason, we cannot schedule preschool Storytime visits more than one time per month for the same class.

A Reference Assistance or Librarian Speaker can be arranged.

Library Reference assistance or a librarian speaking to the class can be arranged for class visits with prior notification. Please call the library at least two weeks ahead of time, so we can rearrange our schedule if needed.

Special collections of books can be pulled.

Collections of books can be pulled for a Reference shelf or for a class visit. Please call us before the assignment is given to children, so that the books are still here for the class. We can also get books from other libraries on specific topics, but need to be informed at least two weeks prior to the class visit.

Meeting rooms are available.

Arrangements to use special areas of the library (i.e. the Community Room, the Conference Room, or the Local History Room) need to be scheduled WELL IN ADVANCE. Some of these rooms are booked months ahead of time, so call as soon as possible. Please call 781-786-6181 for Community and Conference Room Reservations. Please call 781-786-6170 for the Local History Room.

The Storytelling Room is for Library use only. It is used for library programs or for group visits when a librarian is presenting a Storytime or class assignment lesson.

No Smoking Policy

Weston Public Library is a municipal building and smoking is not allowed under state law.  There is no smoking of any kind in the library including cigarettes, artificial cigarettes, or any use of chewing tobacco.

Approved by the Weston Public Library Board of Trustees, April 1, 2013

Charitable Contribution Collection

Due to space constraints and the overwhelming number of requests, the Library cannot serve as a location for charitable contributions for outside organizations.

Draft Approved by the Board of Trustees, October 7, 2013