Art Gallery

Visiting the Weston Public Library Art Gallery

The gallery is open during regular library hours. It shows the work of a local artist each month.

To view the current exhibit, and previous and upcoming ones, use the "Event Calendar and Registration" link on the left side of this page.

How to Apply for an Exhibit

If you’re interested in having an exhibit in the library’s gallery, fill out the short form below, and a member of the art committee will get back to you soon. If you have any questions about the gallery or exhibiting in it, you can indicate it in the form, and someone will be in touch.

The Arts and Exhibitions Committee reviews submissions several times a year. Typically, there’s a waiting list that is anywhere from a few months to over a year. Each accepted exhibitor will show for one month. One doesn’t have to be a Weston resident.

At some point, we suggest visiting the gallery and adjoining Community Room. The gallery has about 40 linear feet of wall space, as well as quite a few surfaces (shelves, pedestals, ledges) for exhibiting 3-D works. The adjoining Community Room, which is also used for a variety of other activities, has around 75 linear feet of wall space.

There is no cost for having an exhibit, and an artist can sell their work, with no commission taken by the library.

The library assumes no responsibility for damage or loss to artwork. An artist/exhibitor/group can have a reception, using the adjoining kitchen facilities, doing so at their own expense and with their own publicity.

Good luck with your artistic endeavors!

Artist Application to Exhibit

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