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  1. Two Nights in Lisbon by Chris Pavone

    “An elegantly twisting, lyrical, rocket-paced international thriller of the first order. With sterling prose, layered characters, searing insights, and gripping …

  2. Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris

    At the very end of the Civil War, two newly freed slave brothers have no way to make a living …

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  3. Signal fires by Dani Shapiro

    I really enjoyed this book.  217 pages, not a wasted word, original story, characters that you believe in – an …

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  4. Sometimes People Die by Simon Stephenson

    Returning to practice after a suspension for stealing opioids, a young doctor takes the only job he can find: a …

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  5. Trespasses by Louise Kennedy

    A young woman living in Northern Ireland during the Troubles is a teacher who also works at her family’s pub. …

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