Tech Help

Individual Technology Assistance

The library is happy to offer computer education and assistance to library patrons--free of charge. We offer a variety of structured classes, but you are welcome to schedule an appointment on a topic of your choosing. Some other topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • purchasing new technology
  • using a mobile device
  • tablet assistance (iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.)
  • using Facebook or other social networks
  • optimizing computer performance
  • strategies to prevent viruses and malware
  • email for beginners
  • Using our digital library and downloading eBooks to your device

If you would like to book a 30-minute appointment, please email

 If you are unable to book online, call our Assistant Director, Allison Palmgren, at 781-786-6150.

Preparing for your appointment

Before coming to your appointment, please write down a list of questions or things you are hoping to learn. If your questions relate to a specific device, bring the device with you when possible. If you are bringing a device with you, make sure the battery is fully charged or bring the charger with you.