Library Mission and Vision

Library Mission Statement

Adopted December 2, 1999
Approved December 9, 1999 Library Board of Trustees
Reaffirmed June 2, 2014 Library Board of Trustees

The mission of the Weston Public Library is to provide materials, resources, and programs for lifelong learning and enjoyment. The Library serves the entire community by making available collections on a broad array of subjects of interest to its patrons. It is a forum for the community, providing a welcoming and well-maintained facility for meetings, informal gatherings, lectures, and other cultural events. The Library collects and provides access to materials related to the history and governance of the town. The Library staff pursues new developments and opportunities in anticipation of our citizens’ changing needs. 

Library Vision Statement

Adopted July 15, 1999
Approved June 2, 2014 Library Board of Trustees

The Weston Public Library will be a resource center for lifelong learning serving the entire community. It will provide a welcoming environment in which to explore and enjoy the world of reading and information gathering, while promoting awareness of the services and materials available. The Library will provide information, through both traditional and electronic means, on a broad array of subjects, with special focus on topic of interest to the townspeople. The staff will have the technical training and capacity to help guide the patron’s search. The Library will constantly redefine its function regarding the uses of technology as a tool for providing library services. The Library will be a forum for cultural activities, information, and ideas for people of all ages and ethnicities. It will serve as a location for meetings, lectures, and other cultural events, sponsored both by the Library and by other organizations affiliated with Weston. The Library will collaborate with like minded organizations to offer the best services and programming. The Library will collect and provide access to material related to the history and governance of the town.