Filing Procedures

The following procedure must be followed when submitting an application for Site Plan Approval:

  • Contact the Town Planner to schedule an intake meeting with the Town Planner and the Planning Board's Landscape and Civil Engineering Consultants.  Intake meetings are scheduled on Tuesday Mornings starting at 9:00 a.m. Town Planner and Consultants will meet with Applicant at submittal to:
    • Review completeness of submission and advise Applicant of any missing information;
    • Recommend plan revision to ensure consistency with Standards and Criteria; and
    • Review presentation materials for Public Hearing.

Consultants are contracted by the Town of Weston, and not the Applicant, to assist the Planning Board in its evaluation of a project. They do not determine whether any project or aspect thereof will be acceptable to the Planning Board.  The views expressed by the Weston Consultants during any meetings and correspondence with Applicant are not binding on the Planning Board and so are in no way any indication or guarantee that the Planning Board will approve Applicant’s proposed project, or will agree with Weston Consultants’ or Applicant’s opinions.

  • The initial site walk and public hearing will be scheduled at the intake meeting. If major revisions are needed or the application is incomplete a second intake meeting may be scheduled and the the site walk and public hearing scheduled at the second intake meeting.
  • The application will be routed to the relevant reviewing agencies by the Town Planner via email. A hardcopy of the site plan should be provided to the Fire Department. The applicant will need initials from each Agency on form SPA-3, Proof of Transmittal (PDF)
  • Planning Board and abutters attend Site Walk led by Applicant’s Development Team prior to Public Hearing
  • Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing at which the public will be allowed to comment on the project
  • The Planning Board will review a draft Certificate of Action to approve the project with conditions