Aluminum and Metals

Tin (ferrous) cans, caps and lids, as well as old appliances and scrap metal can all be recycled at the Transfer Station. Recycling metals:

  • Saves energy - it takes less energy to turn scrap metal into a new product than to harvest new resources to do the same thing
  • Saves natural resources/valuable raw materials
  • Far less damage to the environment - fewer quarries and mines, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Economic benefits - the the money made goes back toward operations to help keep costs down for the taxpayer

Recycling at the Transfer Station

In Massachusetts, all white goods and ferrous metals (tin, aluminum) are banned from the solid waste stream. Not only does Weston's Transfer Station take these items, it also accepts 5-cent deposit cans, too.

cans signTin Cans/Aluminum - in the aluminum can hopper

  • tin cans, caps, lids
  • empty aerosol cans
  • foil plates, pans, trays 

metals signMetal and White Goods - in the scrap metal dumpster*

  • old appliances, including old A/C units and dehumidifiers
  • grills
  • mowers
  • scrap and miscellaneous metal scraps 

5-cent Deposit Cans - in the deposit cans and bottles sign

  • beer and soda - anything carbonated 

Please make sure the cans are rinsed clean and are not made up of plastic or paper, too. Any metals going into the scrap metal dumpster need to be drained of all fluids. Please see an attendant if the item has any Freon or refrigerants.

*large metal items may be subject to a bulky waste fee (PDF).