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In 2018, the Fire Department formally submitted to the Town Manager, Facilities Department, and Permanent Building Committee (PBC) a Fire Station Deficiency Report. As a result, the PBC and Facilities Department began their investigation into the stations and their space issues.  The PBC continued their analysis of the stations until 2020 when the UMASS Collins Center began their analysis of the Fire Service Operations and sited facilities deficiencies which needed to be addressed. Among the many recommendations, the report stated that the Town should “Consider conducting a full evaluation of facilities needs for the Weston Fire Department and otherwise explore new space options to accommodate new firefighters and all genders”  as well as stating that the “facilities should be evaluated by licensed personnel for deficiencies including, but not limited to, physical access, air quality, appropriate sleeping areas, gear cleaning and separation, medical storage and contamination. Any due diligence conducted in the evaluation of facilities and the design of a new station should take these factors into consideration.” In early 2022, the PBC drafted an RFP to engage qualified architectural firms to conduct the feasibility study and chose Tecton Architects for the study given their work history and familiarity with public safety buildings, knowledge of Fire Service programmatic factors and considerable/recent history of Fire Station design. Programmatic factors refer to the design of the physical plant to accommodate operational needs such as bunking structures to accommodate mixed gender use and prevent the spread of illnesses, provide proper stations to ensure standard decontamination space/processes, office and living space needs, etc.  

 A Working Group was established by the Select Board to work with Tecton to determine a scope for design services to address the numerous deficiencies in Town’s two fire stations.  The Working Group has reviewed and made adjustments to the program, confirmed the finding that significant improvements are needed, and recommended to the Select Board that the Fire Headquarters (built in 1914 and renovated in 1986) and South Ave Station (built in 1967) need significant improvements.  The preliminary plans include adding to the historic Fire Headquarters located in the Town Center and a rebuild of the South Avenue Fire Station.  The next step is to appropriate design funds that will be used, under the direction of the Permanent Building Committee working with others designated by the Select Board, to develop detailed plans, specifications, and bid documents, working with an architect and owner’s project manager. 

Weston Fire Feasibility Study Report (PDF)

Weston Fire Stations Feasibility Study Video Presentation from the Select Board Meeting on October 10, 2023 - courtesy of our friends at Weston Media Center. The slide presentation from October 10, 2023   New Fire Station Design Recommendation (PDF)

Weston Fire Handout  (PDF)

Weston Fire Open Houses (PDF)

Fire Presentation & Information Session from November 18, 2023. Click here to watch. Thank you to Weston Media Center for filming.

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