Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer (ACO) is under the direction of the Chief of Police and is assigned office space at the Weston Police Department. The position is full-time with a varying schedule to meet the needs of the various areas of Town and activities at alternating times of the day, to include weekends.


The ACOs responsibilities are as follows:

  • Patrolling the town’s conservation, recreation, and specific school areas where either commercial dog walkers and/or individual dog owners exercise their pets
  • Patrols are conducted by vehicle and on foot with an emphasis on enforcing the Town’s Dog Regulations for residents, owners, and commercial dog walkers.
  • Responding to citizen complaints or concerns, which are received through Dispatch and directed to the ACO

In addition to the above responsibilities, the ACO is also the Town’s Animal Inspector. State law requires that premises are inspected once a year. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure the wellness of the animals by checking the cleanliness and proper maintenance of the facilities in which they are housed, as well as monitoring the receipt of regular veterinary care.  

The Animal Inspector is responsible for inspecting the premises of residents who own or board farm-type animals, such as: chickens; cows; ducks; exotic-type animals; horses; llamas; and/or sheep.

Who to Contact

Please note: If you have an immediate concerns or needs, contact the Weston Police Department through its main number 781-786-6200. Messages left on ACO voicemail will be addressed as soon as possible. Contact through the Weston Police Department dispatch desk will be relayed quickly.