Water Schedule and Reports

MWRA Metropolitan  Water Tunnel Program

Through the Metropolitan Water Tunnel Program (Tunnel Program), MWRA will construct two new water supply tunnels (approximately 14 miles) that will provide redundancy for MWRA's existing Metropolitan Tunnel System, which includes the City Tunnel (1950), City Tunnel Extension (1963) and Dorchester Tunnel (1976). The Tunnel Program will also allow our aging existing water tunnel system to be rehabilitated without interrupting service. The Tunnel Program is in the preliminary design and environmental review stage. Final design will begin after preliminary design is complete, with tunnel construction planned to occur from approximately 2027 through 2038.

It is anticipated that up to 12 shaft sites will be constructed for deep rock tunnel boring and to connect to the existing surface water distribution system.  The project may result in the new alteration of up to 11 acres of land.  Additional impacts will be disclosed in the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). The Director of Public Works is a member of the working group for this project.

Project Information and Presentations

Background information and additional project details can be found on the MWRA's project website.

Meeting materials and presentations are posted to the project website, as well.