Eastern Massachusetts, bordered by Lincoln on the north, Waltham and Newton on the east, Wellesley on the south, Natick on the southwest, and Wayland on the west. Weston is 12 miles west of Boston, 27 miles south of Lowell, 29 miles east of Worcester, and 207 miles from New York City.


  • Total Area: 17.34 square miles
  • Land Area: 17.02 square miles
  • Population: 11,518 (2019 Town Census)
  • Registered Voters: 7,615 (2019)
  • Density: 668 per square mile
  • Miles of Road: 128 total, including private ways and roads maintained by Weston Roads Trust; 83.7 miles of public roads
  • Census Tract Numbers: 3671 - north of Clinton Division railroad tracks; 3672 - south of Clinton Division railroad tracks