Weston's Scenic Roads

The following roads upon recommendation of the Planning Board, are to be designated as Scenic Roads, pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 15C, and Article XXIII of the General Bylaws of the Town. A prepared GIS map (PDF) of these scenic roads is available.
  1. Ash Street, north of reservoir bridge
  2. Boston Post Road
  3. Brown Street
  4. Chestnut Street
  5. Church Street
  6. Conant Road
  7. Concord Road
  8. Crescent Street
  9. Fiske Lane
  10. Glen Road
  11. Highland Street
  12. Hilltop Road
  13. Kingsbury Lane
  14. Lexington Street
  15. Lincoln Street
  16. Loring Road
  17. Love Lane
  18. Maple Road
  19. Merriam Street
  20. Newton Street
  21. Oak Street
  22. Pigeon Hill Road
  23. Pine Street
  24. Ridgeway Road
  25. Ripley Lane
  26. School Street
  27. Silver Hill Road
  28. Sudbury Road
  29. Summer Street, including By-Pass
  30. Viles Street
  31. Ware Street
  32. Webster Road
  33. Wellesley Street
  34. Winter Street
Additional information can be found with the Historical Commission, the Planning Board and with GIS.