Council on Aging

The Board guides and directs the programs and initiatives of the Council on Aging/Senior Center. Members also participate in committees and special programs initiated by the Board. 

Mission, Vision, Values

The mission of the Weston Council on Aging is to serve as a primary resource for residents 60 and older and their families; to offer programs, services, and support that enhance quality of life and empower older adults to thrive; and to enable meaningful connections that build an inter-generational spirit of community.

Weston is an inclusive and livable community where older adults are recognized as engaged, respected, and valued members.

The pursuit of our mission and vision is supported by these values:

  • We respect and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of Weston’s older adults.
  • We believe that a strong community embraces differences in knowledge, ability, point of view, gender identity, ethnicity, race, religion, and economic status.
  • We believe in enhancing growth and a sense of belonging while encouraging the sharing of individual life experiences.
  • We seek new opportunities to innovate and improve while effectively managing our resources.
  • We believe that collaboration with community partners is essential to progress.


The COA board members are appointed by the Select Board and its members serve for four-year terms and may only be reappointed once. 


Linda M. Johnson, Chair2024Susan Ruskin Friend2027
Joan Heilbronner, Vice Chair2025Wayne Johnson2024
Prather Palmer, Treasurer2025Jean MacQuiddy2025
Anita Raman2027Carol Ott
Laura Whitehouse2027Brian Kardon2026
Karin Ott2027Susan Pauker2026
Paul Foley2026

Associate Members

  • Vida Goldstein (June 2024) 
  • Alice Benson (June 2024)
  • Gerri Scoll (June 2024)