Finance Committee

Weston’s Finance Committee is the official fiscal watchdog for the town. Because it is difficult for all taxpayers to be completely informed about every aspect of a town’s finances, finance committees were established so a representative group of taxpayers could conduct a thorough review of municipal finance questions on behalf of all citizens.


The Finance Committee is comprised of nine members, appointed by the Moderator except for unfilled terms (i.e. due to a resignation), which are appointed by the Committee itself and the Town Clerk; each term is three years.

Due to a recent resignation, there is currently a vacancy to be filled by the Committee and the Town Clerk. Please use the Finance Committee Volunteer Application (PDF) if you are interested in serving on the committee.




Lisa Reitano, Chair 2022

James Philipkosky


Jonathan Harris 2024

John Sallay


James A. Jarrett 2022 Lisa Schwallie


John McDonald 2022

Bharath Venkataraman

Karen Meslin 2024