South Side Drainage Project

Phase I - Pond Brook Circle Improvement
The need for improvements in the Pond Brook Circle neighborhood was thoroughly reviewed in the Comprehensive Drainage Study (bottom of page). The proposed Pond Brook Circle project represents one component of the overall solution and is critical to the success of the overall project. The Pond Brook Circle plans are below:
A Contract for construction of this phase is expected to be let in the spring of 2015 with work taking place during the summer of 2015.
Wright-Pierce Environmental Engineering Firm
The Town of Weston has engaged Wright-Pierce Environmental Engineering Firm of New England to conduct a comprehensive drainage study of the area including:
  • Glen Road
  • Ledgewood Road
  • Pond Brook Circle
  • Shady Hill Road
  • Wellesley Street
  • Woodchester Drive
The purpose of the study is to develop long term plans for drainage improvements to alleviate chronic flooding problems that have plagued the area for many years.

Study Phase
Wright-Pierce has completed the study phase of the project, which included data gathering to quantify the size, condition and location of the various drainage systems which serve these areas, as well as interviewing town staff to understand the nature and severity of flooding problems, modeling the hydrology of this area and hydraulics of the systems, and then developing alternative designs for drainage improvements.

Public Meetings
There were 2 public meetings held (June and November 2011) to present the findings to date and more importantly, to solicit feedback from residents to make sure the problem is fully defined and characterized.

The project is being overseen by the Department of Public Works, Engineering Division.

Neighborhood Drainage Study Documents