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May 10

Bees, Bees, We Need More Bees.

Posted to Animal Control Corner by Kara Fleming

This is a non-traditional ACO blog post as tending to a honey bee swarm does not fall under the duties and actions of an Animal Control Officer; however, the honey bee technically falls under the Kingdom Animalia and warmer weather brings us bee season. Honey bee colonies are dying in record numbers in Massachusetts. These incredibly important insects and by most accounts, 70% of all U.S. crops depend on pollination by honey bees. 

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Sep 02

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month

Posted to Weston Ahead by Kara Fleming

From extreme heat to torrential downpours, Weston and surrounding communities have withstood a rather extraordinary summer thus far. Without action, though, it’s certainly possible this may become the new normal. Climate change is manifesting itself right here in town, underscoring the need for more adaptation and resilience actions by and for our community.

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