Town Officials


Weston Town Hall
11 Town House Road
Weston, MA 02493

PO Box 378
Weston, MA 02493

Town Emails Format
To email any Town official, please use the following format:
last name.first
(please note there is a period in between the last name and first initial)

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Aiu, Imaikalani (Imai) Town Planner 781-786-5065  
Bahrevar, P.E., Elika Project/Civil Engineer 781-786-5100  
Blanchard, Nancy Deputy Veterans' Services Director 781-489-7509  
Calder, Kenneth Highway and Stormwater Supervisor 781-786-5100  
Connolly, Midge School Superintendent 781-786-5210  
Cullen, Jr., Thomas E. Public Works Director of Operations 781-786-5100  
Cyr, Daryl Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 781-786-5100  
Davenport, Deborah Town Clerk 781-786-5010  
DeMartin, Timothy Deputy Director of Facilities/Operations 781-786-5270  
Fava, David Water Superintendent 781-786-5100  
Field, John F. Building Inspector / Land Use Coordinator 781-786-5061  
Fitzgerald, Christopher Recreation Director 781-786-6260  
Fogg, Stephen Town Engineer 781-786-5100  
Forti, Michael Police Lieutenant 781-786-6201  
Gaumond, Jr., Leon A. Town Manager 781-786-5020  
Jackson, Jacquelyn Super. Parks & Cemeteries/Solid Waste, Recycling 781-786-5165  
Jarobski, Gary Facilities Director 781-786-5270  
Josephson, MAA, Eric Principal Assessor 781-786-5050  
Kalpee, Sarada Veterans' Services Director 781-489-7509  
Kelley, Susan Finance Director/Town Accountant 781-786-5080  
Kelly, Thomas Interim Police Chief 781-786-6201  
Locke, Sharon Assistant Recreation Director 781-786-6260  
McCarty, Gerard Deputy Director of Facilities/Project Management 781-786-5270  
McCarron, Jordan Conservation Administrator 781-786-5068  
McLeish, Jack Wiring Inspector 781-786-5042  
Mahan, Cheri CPC Administrator 781-786-5074  
Millian, Robert Town Constable   781-786-6201  
Mulvey, Joe Sealer of Weights and Measures 781-786-5066  
Murray, Mignonne Council on Aging Executive Director 781-786-6280  
O'Reilly, Karen Animal Control Officer 781-786-6210  
Palmgren, Allison Assistant Library Director 781-786-6150  
Pawluczonek, Kelly Public Health Director 781-786-5030  
Pierce, Zoe Treasurer/Collector 781-786-5070  
Poole, Dianne Parking Clerk 781-786-5011  
Senesi, Anthony Webmaster/Public Information Officer 781-786-5020  
Soar, David B. Fire Chief 781-786-6101  
Sullivan, Richard Public Works Deputy Director of Operations 781-786-5100  
Sullivan, Tracy Director of Municipal Information Systems 781-786-5180  
Sweeney, Jr., Richard Stormwater Engineer 781-786-5117  
Vickers, Monyette Brook School Apt. Manager 781-786-5195  
Warner, Jennifer Library Director 781-786-6150  
Woodside, Justin Deputy Chief 781-786-6111  
Wroten, Kortni Sustainability Coordinator 781-786-5278  
Yanakakis, Lisa J. Assistant Town Manager / Human Resources Director 781-786-5090  
Young, Charles Purchasing Agent/Financial Analyst 781-786-5083