Healthy Natural Ecosystems

Healthy Ecosystems - preserving and enhancing the health of weston's waterways, plants, wildlife

Weston Ahead goal statements on a dark green banner

  • Natural resources are preserved and enhanced through sustainable management practices and regulations
  • Trails and protected open space create a connected network of healthy habitats and accessible recreation options
  • Air and water quality meet or exceed state and federal standards

What can you do?

Residents can play a role in protecting Weston’s ecosystems by conserving water and maintaining more sustainable landscapes. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Measuring Success to Sustainable Resource

Measuring Success

Tracking our progress is essential to successful achievement of Weston Ahead's goals for Healthy Natural Ecosystems. We have identified several metrics and associated targets, listed below. We anticipate this list will continue to evolve as data tracking improves. The Town will report on progress against these metrics at least every two years.

Acres of conservation land2,000 (2017)1Upward Trend
Miles of trails/fire roads for public use90 (2017)1Upward Trend
Percent of tree canopy that is protected34% (2016)242%50%
No. of trees on public land15,437 (2019)3Upward Trend
Percent of trees in "good," "very good," or "excellent health"28%338%50%


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  3. Weston Tree Inventory, Town of Weston, 2019

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