How does PAYT work?

Under PAYT, permit stickers for the Transfer Station are available to be purchased online for a fee.

Residents who are new to the Transfer Station may visit Town Hall to receive their permits. Please bring your vehicle registration information with you. Each sticker must be assigned to a car registered in Weston, and affixed to that car’s driver's side windshield.  

The Transfer Station sticker will enable the resident to enter the Transfer Station, and the resident may, without charge, dispose of recyclables, yard waste, and compost, and may access the volunteer run Swap Shed.

Anyone with a sticker may throw trash away at the Transfer Station, and the trash must be bagged in official Weston PAYT bags, which are purchased separately at local retailers.

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1. How does PAYT work?
2. How can I purchase/renew a Transfer Station permit sticker?
3. Where can I get PAYT bags and what do they cost?
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5. Why did Weston adopt Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT)?
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